Wolfsville-Myersville Lutheran Parish

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We are open between Christmas and Easter!


One Parish - Three Churches

The Parish has a venerable tradition. It was formed in the beginning of 1850 joining St. John's and St. Mark's Lutheran Churches under the name of 'Myersville Charge'. In November 1856 St. Paul's Lutheran Church was admitted into the charge. The relationship continued to November 1902 when St. Paul's church withdrew from the charge to call its own pastor. St. John's and St. Mark's continued the charge under the name of "St. John's Charge of Myersville". Some 18 years later the three churches wre joined again into the "Myersville Charge". The Maryland Synod ratified the vote in October 1921.


St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Wolfsville, MD  [more]
Worship Service 10:30 am

St. John's Lutheran Church, Myersville, MD [more]
Worship Service at 9:00 am 


St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Myersville, MD [more]
Worship Service at 10:30 am